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By Akman · 60 days ago
By Moman · 213 days ago
None - 0%
1-5 - 25%
6-10 - 25%
11-20 - 25%
21-mor - 25%
60 days ago
141 days ago
the best grandkids ever
173 days ago
Father inlaws fishing boat twin diesel slow but dependable.
173 days ago
Don't forget Mothers Day this weekend Sunday  May 11th so if you miss it now it's not my fault. I warned you so no second chances. LOL
198 days ago
USA, America, United States
204 days ago
Who gets my goat the most is people who take credit for something they didn't do.
213 days ago
Yes - 28.6%
No - 28.6%
Not sur - 42.9%
213 days ago
How about some of those people in Alaska tell us what it's like to live up there in the frozen land. I know somebody there has got a good stories to share.
0 fans
Wasilla, United States
294 days ago
vholster.com — Video network posting all you best videos weather it's sports,action, funny, not so funny, demonstration, documentary, or DIY videos here is were you can post them 
294 days ago
ufolocker.com — A place were people can report, view, assess, post comments on any UFO's subject they may have an opinion on.
294 days ago
bloggerscave.com — The place were you can express your opinion on any subject posted here.
294 days ago
maxdates.com — Here at MaxDates we want to help you find your perfect Mate. Here you may have a chance of a lifetime to meet the person you never thought was there for you and all you have to do is sign up for your …
294 days ago
296 days ago
Can't help but think this is really funny.
296 days ago
My best truck
296 days ago
! - 0%
2 - 60%
3 - 20%
4 - 20%
296 days ago
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298 days ago
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"We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community."

Dorothy Day

11.23.2014 23:07
Posted by Visitor
up to the minute news is the best
11.24.2014 22:27
Posted by Visitor
watch the view
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books50day has edited status message
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